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  • 1946

    Original location at Colfax and Wadsworth

    Original location at Colfax and Wadsworth. When Melvin and Mildred Rockley began the business it sold some print music, washers and dryers and other appliances, record players, and band and orchestral instruments.

  • 1950s

    Moved to current location at Colfax and Dover

    Rockley Music moved to current location at Colfax and Dover. Melvin and Mildred designed and built the new location themselves with the help of one of their friends. The washers and dryers left in the late 50’s and were replaced by the booming record industry. 1960s Melvin’s son Bob and his wife Nina join the business. Bob created the guitar department out of his love for the guitar and to capitalize on the growing guitar industry brought on by the music of the time. 1970s Nina creates Rockley Music’s Print Music legacy. The diminishing record industry leads the way to the expansion of the print music department. New teaching studios were created in the store to encourage the learning of musical instruments. 1980s Bob and Nina’s children – Tobin and Robin joined the family business. Teaching Studios relocate and expand behind the store to the Dover building. Melvin and Mildred retire.

  • 1990s

    Rockley Music celebrated 50 years in business

    Rockley Music celebrated 50 years in business. The adjacent Copper Kitchen restaurant was purchased in 1993 and the store doubled in size. The Technology department and the Piano department were created. Liane, Tobin’s wife, joined the business. Melvin, the store’s founder, passed away.

  • 2000s

    Opened up the beautiful Piano Showroom

    We move everything in the store but Pro Audio. The remodel in 2003 moved everything in the store and opened up the beautiful Piano Showroom. The Bechstein stage was built to provide space for recitals, workshops and community events. Mildred, Melvin’s wife, passed away. Robin leaves to start his own music distribution business. Tobin creates the Rockley Family Foundation to bring musical instruments and scholarship monies to schools in need. 2010 Rockley Music enters the online retail market. Bob and Nina retire. Rockley Music and the Rockley Family Foundation continue to serve Colorado’s musical community.

  • 2020

    Changing Times

    The changing times brought about new business changes. We are moving off Colfax from our iconic location to a small warehouse. The business focus is now on piano moving, tuning and technical work. We will continue to rent the orchestral strings for students. Our non-profit for music education, Rockley Family Foundation, continues to grow at a rapid pace and provide much needed support for music.

The History of Rockley Music Center