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Evelyn Billberg brings over 30 years of teaching experience to Rockley Music Education Center! She received her Bachelor Degree in Music at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, as a voice major. She was involved for ten years in the Fairbanks community performing in theater, Sweet Adelines, the Fairbanks Light Opera Theater, and in operas at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Evelyn moved to Arizona where she earned her Master’s Degree in Music, Composition and Theory at Northern Arizona University.  Evelyn is a member of Music Teachers National Association, and is active in three local music teacher associations.

Evelyn is passionate about helping students develop their skills on the piano! She developed a piano course specifically designed to help students discover the joy of playing the piano and learning the basics of music. Instruction is presented in a manner which will advance the student’s skill and enjoyment as rapidly as possible. Students develop keyboard proficiency through chord application with special attention to obtaining fluid dexterity with these chords. Applied harmony and theory at the keyboard takes this information out of the textbook and puts it under the fingertips. Upon completion of the course students understand harmony and theory and will use that knowledge to play beautiful music.

Evelyn enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities! Lessons are fun and students leave their lessons feeling good about their progress and excited to learn the next step.

In addition to teaching piano lessons privately, Evelyn spearheads our Piano Marvel program! When Piano Marvel became available in 2010, Evelyn began working with her students using the new computer interface application. She found that students enjoyed working with this exciting new piano method applied through the computer and a digital piano. There are many features which students enjoy when learning piano in this way. Teachers find that students come much better prepared in that there are very few wrong notes or tempo corrections necessary. The Piano Marvel system coaches learning accuracy with fun and exciting immediate feedback. Another very important feature is the possibility of developing excellent sight reading skills early in the student’s lesson activities.  This skill helps the student learn their pieces faster, and with accuracy.

Piano Marvel provides a learning environment which allows students to take lessons in a lab environment.  Students learn with each other as a group and are also sent to their own individual study at the digital piano by using earphones.  This interactive setting provides an exciting environment for learning to play the piano.

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