Mandy Bowmar-Townend, D.M.A.

Mandy Bomar Townend received her doctorate in Piano Pedagogy, Performance, and Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

She is currently an organist for Saint Andrews Lutheran Church in Arvada, Colorado, and an accompanist for area choirs including the Alpine Chorale.

She has performed throughout the United States and regularly accompanies vocalists and instrumentalists in Denver. She also teaches in Aurora and Arvada as well as Lakewood, Colorado.  She teaches young beginners through advanced adult levels.

 Mandy has taught piano and theory for over 35 years, teaching all levels, from beginning through advanced, graduate level students. She has taught both privately and as an adjunct instructor in elementary, middle school, high school, and undergraduate levels. Mandy teaches small groups and individual private lessons.

She describes herself as a traditional teacher, with a focus on sight reading and how to practice independently, and is surprised at how differently people hear music, remember music, and how differently they read a score. Each student eventually finds their own way of doing these things. Mandy’s responsibility is to show them different ways of listening, remembering and reading to develop an effective path of learning for them.

All students deserve to learn music that is meaningful or significant to them. Mandy chooses repertoire that will be challenging but is “well on its way” to performance after practicing for 6 weeks. She is inclined to assign 3 short pieces in different styles and keys rather than 1 long piece.

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