Catherine Mahoney

Catherine Mahoney has a strong and unique passion for music. Her primary love of music comes from teaching. To her sharing music means more then just playing music for people, it means showing people how to make music of their own.

Catherine holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music where she studied under the renowned percussionist Victor Mendoza. In her time at Berklee Catherine had many opportunities to study techniques for teaching music as well as techniques for using music as a therapeutic tool. She has worked with students ranging from six years of age to 85 years old. Over the years Catherine has learned a variety of instruments including, but not limited to; piano, percussion, saxophone, bass clarinet, and voice.

Catherine has shared her love for music in many parts of the United States. She has performed as a vocalist twice for the Colorado Music Educators Association. She also performed at WGI’s international percussion competition multiple times over the years. Catherine has performed in Boston at Berklee College of Music, primarily as a percussionist.

On top of her performances, Catherine has had the opportunity to teach and share music in a variety of different settings. She has organized and run a percussion camp for students in Jefferson County, and has also ran a variety of drum circle programs for the Denver Girl Scout council. She has used percussion to help students with reading and spelling at a public school in Jefferson County, and has also helped at Symphony Hall in Boston to facilitate Musical Playground events, which gives hundreds of children the opportunity to try the different instruments that are in the symphony.

Catherine has also done work at a special education facility in Boston to use music as a way for students with developmental disabilities to interact with others and express themselves through music. Catherine is currently working with Big as Life Music to provide band classes to elementary schools in the Denver area, and is a member of Rocky Mountain Steel Bands.

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