Adam Bartczak

Colorado native, Educator, trombonist, and composer Adam Bartczak holds a bachelors degree in trombone performance from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a masters in jazz composition from the New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts, and a Doctor of Arts in Jazz Studies from the University of Northern Colorado.


Though he began as a classical player, Adam has extensive experience playing and writing in a variety of styles, including jazz, Dixieland, Salsa, reggae, rock, and funk. He is currently Adjunct Faculty of Jazz Trombone Studies at Metro State University of Denver in addition to teaching and performing throughout the country.


Adam has taught students of many ages, from elementary to adult students. In addition to trombone, he teaches trumpet, tuba, French horn, baritone, euphonium, and alto horn. His teaching style emphasizes a balance between tradition and innovation. It stresses the importance of being grounded in traditional techniques and styles and, as well, being open to new ideas. This approach is employed in his teaching as it pertains to the students’ individual interests.

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