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Virgina Anderson

Virginia grew up on a farm in the northeastern plains of Colorado. She holds degrees in music from the University of Colorado at Denver and Metro State University. Her passion for music carried her across the Atlantic Ocean to study singing, composition and improvisation with teachers in Germany and Sweden. She is a certified Therapeutic Singer and also teaches at the Julie Davis Music School of the Swallow Hill Music Association. In her spare time she is a folksinger and songwriter.

A Professional Music Educator for over 30 years, Virginia believes that, “Everyone has a gift for making music. It is simply a matter of acquiring skills that in turn become your own musical expression.”

Virginia teaches the following classes in group or individual lessons:

Simply Music Piano Lessons – Foundations 1 through 5 for students ages 7 and up. Simply Music is a playing based approach. Playing music comes first, like learning to speak. Reading skills are introduced when the student reaches Foundations 3 through 4. It takes approximately 3 months to complete each Foundation. Styles include contemporary, jazz/blues and classical pieces. Additional arrangements, improvisation and composition are also introduced. Simply Music Student Home Materials are required and may be purchased online through a Simply Music teacher.

Guitar – For ages 7 and up, basics of guitar playing are taught on an acoustic guitar with an emphasis on folk styles. Students begin with strumming simple chords while singing, moving into melodic lines and finger exercises that develop a tactile and aural understanding of the fretboard. Both tablature and staff note reading skills are taught. Students are invited and encouraged to bring songs they want to learn.

Voice – For ages 10 and up, voice students can expect attention to relaxing and deepening their breath support. Tone exercises will bring attention to developing the quality of the tone. Students may also bring any song they would like to sing.

Recorder – For ages 7 and up, beginning students will learn how to master tone production and fingering, playing simple tunes by ear and with staff notation. More advanced students can expect to learn scores from earlier time periods as well as modern songs and improvisation. Instruction in both soprano and alto recorders is available.

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