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Sean King

Sean began playing guitar at the age of 11 after hearing Jimi Hendrix perform ‘All Along the Watchtower’. At 18, he discovered and studied the bass world of players like Vic Wooten and Les Claypool. Since then and for the next 25+ years he has performed and toured in a variety of bands, most notably his current urban fusion band, SPiNRaD.

For the last 5 years, in addition to thousands of private one-on-one lessons, Sean has led the group lesson programs for Springfield Music in Springfield, Missouri. These include programs such as Summer Rock Camps (where we write an original rock song, record it, shoot a music video, and perform a live concert), as well as the year-round House-Band Programs, (which is similar to Rock Camp but doesn’t end.)

Sean has a vast amount of experience in teaching children and adults, beginner to advanced.

In addition to teaching private guitar and bass lessons, Sean leads the teen House Band program at Rockley Music Education Center. House Band is open to all guitar, piano, bass, drum, woodwind and brass students!

His teaching philosophy is that music should be fun first!

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