Matt Bassano

Matt has had a broad and varied career as a professional musician for over 25 years. He studied the piano in music school, but has always played every instrument he could get his hands on, and has gigged and/or recorded on over 30 instruments. He has played classical music, jazz, and all sorts of rock, pop and world music, solo and in dozens of bands and ensembles. He runs bands for Ad Hoc Entertainment, playing all over the American West, and is a sought after sideman and band leader. He has extensive experience in live theater, as music director, composer and sound designer, pit bandleader and sideman, and as an accompanist for the National Theater Conservatory and Denver Center Theater Academy. He has composed for TV, made on-hold music for businesses, and written pedagogic books for music students.

Matt has been teaching many instruments, in a wide range of styles including classical, jazz, musical theater, rock/pop, Latin, world and folk, for over 20 years. Many of his students learn more than one instrument. He excels at teaching beginners fundamentals in ways that are fun and easily do-able and has lots of theoretical and practical advice and instruction for advanced musicians. He brings the breadth and depth of his musical experience to my lessons, from formal music instruction at the Metropolitan State College of Denver to decidedly informal musical training on hundreds of different gigs.

Matt is great with beginners, either adults or children. All his students learn to read music, count rhythms and play to a metronome. As they learn those basic skills, they also learn other skills, including chords, theory, scales, and how to play music from lead sheets. He encourages them to study all types of music from classical and jazz to pop and world music, and many of them do. He also encourages them to try more than one instrument out; many of them play 2 or more instruments.

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