Laura Lizut

Mrs. Laura Lizut, MM, has over 10 years teaching experience, with student age ranging from 3 to 67 years old. She is recognized as a Student Achievement Recognition Award (StAR) winner from the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). She began her studies in piano at the age of nine and continued to receive her Bachelors of Music Performance from Northern Arizona University and Masters of Performance from Illinois State University.

Laura is a former Adjunct Faculty at Northern Arizona University (NAU) where she designed and implemented new curriculum for group piano classes which enrolled both music majors and non-majors. For three years, Laura was a general music teacher at Santo Nino Regional Catholic School in Santa Fe, NM. Students in Early Child Education (ECE) to 6th grade were introduced to music fundamentals through theory games, movement, and instrument playing. Laura has also served as faculty, music director, and accompanist for the Curry Summer Music Camp at Northern Arizona University and Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids in Denver and Boulder, CO.

During her association with Rockley Music, Laura created group classes specifically for adults. These classes use the “Recreation Music Making” (RMM) approach to learning and are meant to be as much a social gathering as a learning experience. Preparation for the class at home can be minimal, but participation in the class is key! Laura guides her students through the piano and music reading using analysis, playing by example, and ensemble playing.

Laura loves to share her passion for music with others. She believes that the piano is a great introductory instrument for any budding musician. She has experience working with beginning to advanced students and looks forward to working towards your musical journey!
Private Lessons

These are the traditional one-on-one format for piano lessons. Lessons are given in 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. Private lessons are for the student who wants to explore music in-depth and are able to commit a measurable amount of time to practice every week.

Small Group (30 min)
Lessons are given to small groups of children (2-3) and touch on basic fundamentals of piano and music learning. These lessons are designed for basic beginners who may not have the means or time to practice, but would like an introduction to the instrument.

Adult Classes (45-60 min)
Given at Rockley Music Education Center The Basics A course designed for adults with no musical background. Learn your way around the keyboard; start some basic music theory, and learn to read a few songs.

Accelerated Basics
Designed for adults who have had some piano background. We will reinforce note reading and work on more complex music theory. Reading chords, harmonization, improvisation and learning a few tunes will be on the agenda!

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