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Welcome to Rockley Music Education Center! We are committed to music education and to all of our students- no matter what age! Rockley Music Education Center (RMEC) offers lessons on all woodwind and brass instruments, orchestral strings, voice, guitar, bass and drums AND piano. We have special programs like House Band and Big Band Theory for teens. Group classes include Piano Marvel Group Piano Class and Musical Group Class for Young Beginners!

Our outstanding teachers are professionally qualified many having earned advanced degrees in their prospective music field. Many perform around Denver in bands and symphony orchestras! As part of a thorough hiring and screening process our teachers provide references and must pass a criminal background check. We are committed to the success and safety of those enrolled in our education center.

RMEC is located across the parking lot just north of the onsite retail store, Rockley Music Center. We house twelve individual studios including a group piano lab and recording studio.

Get to know our teachers by checking out their profiles in our Private Lessons section. We also have a YouTube channel! You can see students performances as well as our Teachers in Concert Recital! Click on this link to check it out-

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